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Mathematics is a vital cog in the curriculum and feeds into all subject areas and aspects of life. Our aim is to boost pupils’ confidence in the subject and then extend their skills to the highest possible standard based on an individuals’ attributes.

The Key Stage Three curriculum gives pupils opportunities to perform from level 4 to level 8 and is closely linked to the Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Year 7 will be taught in mixed ability sets whereas from Year 8, pupils will be set on mathematical ability. All classes will be taught by Mathematics Specialists with many years of experience.

In Key Stage 4 pupils will sit two GCSE’s in the subject. The first course is called ‘Numeracy’ and is based on Mathematics used in a real life context, incorporating other subject areas. Both courses are equally important and both count in each pupil’s future. There are three tiers of entry at Key Stage 4, Higher, Intermediate and Foundation. Each pupil is carefully analysed using a significant amount of data from Key Stage 3 and 4 to decide on which tier suits them.