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Witness the magic of Chemical Reactions!

A captivating snapshot of Bobby engrossed in a chemical reaction experiment!

In the lab, we delved into the fascinating world of chemistry, where reactions unfold like intricate dances of atoms and molecules. From vibrant colours to mysterious gases, the laboratory is a realm of marvels waiting to be explored.

Year 7's bouncing around in Science!

Year 7's made and tested bouncy balls out of custard in Science. Check out some of the photos below!

Year 9 - Anatomy of the Heart

Year 9 have been learning all about the anatomy of the heart by dissecting hearts and rats in class. 

Blast off for Year 7!

Year 7 have been testing their bottle rockets to investigate forces and the effects of aerodynamics on objects in flight. Much fun had by all and it was great to take their learning out into the sunshine! 

Getting girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths event at Glyndwr University

Some of our Year 10 girls attended a STEM event in Glyndwr University where they had the opportunity to carry out a number of workshops in water purification, finger printing, qualitative drug analysis and skeletal analysis.