Our StaffOur Staff

Mr J P Weir BSc MEd NPQH Headteacher
Miss M Jones BA Deputy Headteacher
Ms H Franklin BA Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Wineyard BEd Assistant Headteacher/ALNCO
Mr M Seale BMus Director of Curriculum & Learning
Mrs S Owen BSc Director of Learning for Pastoral Care
Mr R Chesters BSc Lead Teacher for Care, Support & Guidance
Mr S Holmes BSc Head of Faculty for Science, Technology and IT
Miss E Jones BA Head of Faculty for Mathematics and Numeracy
Mrs S Henry BA Head of Faculty for Humanities
Mrs V Wildsmith BA Head of Faculty for Languages, Literacy and Communication
Miss L Hough BA Head of Faculty for Health and Wellbeing
Mrs C Rees BMus Head of Faculty for Expressive Arts
Miss S Francis-Kearney BA Teacher
Mr D Higgins BEng Teacher
Mr T Hopkins BA MA Teacher
Mrs C Fernley BA Teacher
Mrs H L Jones BA Teacher
Miss M Young BSc Teacher
Mr M Warwick BSc Teacher
Mrs C L Davies BA Teacher
Miss T Burns BA Teacher
Mr M Earnshaw BA Teacher
Mr M Gillespie BEd Teacher
Mr M Hobbs BSc Teacher
Mrs N Holmes BA Teacher
Mrs E Lenton BA Teacher
Miss E Owen BA Teacher
Mr T Foulkes BA Teacher
Miss S Owen BA Teacher
Mrs J Morris BA Teacher
Mrs R Rae BA Teacher
Mr G M Roberts Teacher
Miss G Sissons BA Teacher
Miss G Boniface BA Business Manager
Miss L Evans Headteachers PA / Office Manager
Mrs V Allen Finance Assistant
Mrs T C Jones  Examinations Officer
Miss S Edwards Receptionist
Mr D Gilbart ICT Systems Administrator
Mrs C Edwards Alternative Provision Coordinator
Miss M Geddes Behaviour Support Officer
Mrs A Williams Safeguarding Support Officer
Miss S Salisbury Inclusion and Safeguarding Administrator
Mrs K Lewsey Attendance and Punctuality Officer
Miss C Williams Student Services Administrative Assistant
Miss C MacDonald-Parry Pastoral Support Officer - Yr 7
To be appointed Pastoral Support Officer - Yr 8
To be appointed  Pastoral Support Officer - Yr 9
Mrs F Williams Pastoral Support Officer - Yr 10
Mrs D Hamilton Pastoral Support Officer - Yr 11
Mrs V Bond Science Technician
Mr B McGauty Design & Technology Technician
Mr A Palmer Estates Manager
Ms M Evans Estates Team
Mr B McGauty Estates Team
Mr A Parry Estates Team
Mrs M Reid ALN Support Manager
Mrs G Broadbent-Roberts ALN Administrative Assistant
Mrs G Swinburn Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Butterley Learning Support Assistant
Ms W Hughes Learning Support Assistant
Ms C Johnson Learning Support Assistant
Ms S Pritchard Learning Support Assistant
Miss J Beatson Learning Support Assistant
Miss B Roberts Learning Support Assistant
Miss P Jones Learning Support Assistant