Health & Social Care

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This GCSE is an exciting, up to date and currently relevant course. The focus is very much on equipping the next generation of health and social care professions to support individuals in actively participating in and understanding their own health choices.   
GCSE Health and Social Care, and Childcare (Single Award – 1 GCSE) will equip students with knowledge, understanding and skills related to the development and care of individuals through life from conception and infancy to later adulthood. 
Unit 1: Human growth, development and well-being 
Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes 
40% of single award qualification  
You will investigate: 
- Human development across the life cycle and the ways in which this may be affected 
- Physical, social, emotional and intellectual health 
- The importance of active participation on development and well-being - how individuals can take control of their care and health and well-being 
- Early intervention and prevention to promote and support growth, development and well-being for a range of conditions and circumstances 
Unit 2: Promoting and maintaining health and well-being 
Non-exam assessment (NEA): approximately 25 hours 
60% of single award qualification 
You will investigate:  
- Health and social care, and childcare provision in Wales to promote and support health and well-being 
- Public health and health promotion across the life cycle 
- Factors affecting health and well-being across the life cycle 
You will have opportunities to investigate care issues and topics of your own choice in the NEA.  
By studying Health and Social Care, and Childcare the students will be able to: 
- develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range of health and social care, and childcare contexts 
- actively engage in the study of health and social care, and childcare to develop as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds 
- appreciate a range of perspectives on the impacts of health and social care, and childcare services on wider society 
- consider how health and social care, and childcare practice should be ethical and support a sustainable health and care system 
- develop and apply skills relevant to health and social care, and childcare including using and interpreting data 
- develop an awareness of career pathways available within the health and social care, and childcare sector.