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Year 8 causing a stir in the kitchen!

Year 8 have completed an assessment to create a vegetable stir fry using a variety of vegetables and spices. The food looks delicious!!

Year 7 - Cous Cous Salad

Year 7 have taste tested cous cous salad and created their own recipes. The students had to incorporate a wide range of colours to ensure the recipe is packed with vitamins and minerals. The students learnt that this is a nutritious fast food which can be eaten on the go if you are busy!

Year 7 - Seasonal Soup Practical

The students had to research and plan the recipes in groups. The students then created soup by roasting vegetables, simmering and blending. The students had the extra challenge of minimising food waste!

Year 8 - Fake-Away Project

Year 8 finished the fake away project with Welsh beef tortilla cups and seasoned wedges.