BBC Bitesize Schools Tour: A Career Insightful Friday

2 Oct 23

Last Friday, our school had the privilege of hosting the BBC Bitesize Schools Tour. This event brought together a diverse panel of passionate professionals to share their career experiences with our students.


The event was led by the host, Megan Davies, and featured a panel that included Eleri Griffiths, a BBC staff member, alongside external panellists Sam Beavan from Woodpecker Films and Heather Johnson from Flintshire County Council. Their discussions focused on their respective careers, aiming to showcase the multitude of options available to our pupils.


One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity for students to engage directly with the panelists, asking them thought-provoking questions about their career journeys. This interactive element allowed our students to gain deeper insights into the world of work and the various career paths they might consider.


The BBC Bitesize Schools Tour was not only an enriching experience but also a vital contribution to our school's career provision. It provided our students with the chance to connect with local employers, opening doors to future opportunities.