Great time in Food and Fun!Great time in Food and Fun!

24 Jul 23

The Food and Fun programme has been amazing this year at Ysgol Treffynnon. The aim of the programme is to work together to promote healthy living, support positive well-being and improve engagement with education and the school during the school holidays.

What are the main benefits of Food and Fun?

  • The schemes encourage children to be more active over the summer
  • Improvements in children’s diets
  • Making new friends and having fun
  • Learning and engagement with school
  • Improving parents’ health and well-being
  • Parents learn new skills
  • Involves the whole family
  • Facilitates collaboration between agencies
  • Makes better use of existing facilities
  • Encourages community engagement
  • Offers paid and voluntary employment
  • Signposts to other services
  • Helps parents meet the costs of school holidays

We have certainly had an amazing time during the first 3 weeks of the holidays - take a look at a little video of each day to see what has been going on in school.

Food and Fun - Day 1
Food and Fun - Day 2
Food and Fun - Day 3
Food and Fun Day 4
Food and Fun - Day 5
Food and Fun - Day 6
Food and Fun - Day 7
Food and Fun - Day 8
Food and Fun - Day 9
Food and Fun - Day 10
Food and Fun - Day 11
Food and Fun - Day 12