Holywell Town Council Engages in Insightful Focus Group for 'Holywell of the Future' Holywell Town Council Engages in Insightful Focus Group for 'Holywell of the Future'

21 Nov 23

In a bid to envision a more vibrant and user-friendly future for Holywell, the Holywell Town Council supported our year 10 Product Design students by attending a highly productive focus group this morning. The students had the unique opportunity to pose questions and gain valuable insights for their ambitious 'Holywell of the Future' project. The sessions were supported by Martin Fearnley, Deputy Town Clerk and Barry Scragg, Councillor for Greenfield.

The Year 10 Product Designers, under the guidance of Mr Hobbs, posed thoughtful questions, delving into various aspects of urban planning, community needs, and the vision the council has for the town's development. One of the key focuses of the discussion was the role of street furniture and products in shaping the town's identity and improving the daily lives of its residents. 

Councillor Barry Scragg, who actively participated in the focus group, expressed admiration for the students' dedication to creating a positive impact on Holywell's future. "It's inspiring to see young minds so engaged, taking part in school projects that focus on the betterment of our community".

The collaboration between Holywell Town Council and our Year 10 Product Designers is a testament to the power of community engagement and the potential for cross-generational cooperation in urban planning.

Holywell Town Council looks forward to further fostering such partnerships that promote creativity, innovation, and a shared commitment to the town's prosperity.