Pheobe from Year 10 wins NEWydd CompetitionPheobe from Year 10 wins NEWydd Competition

27 Oct 23
Chinese New Year Menu Concept Wins, Set to Debut on School Theme Day"


In a splendid display of culinary creativity, Phoebe Richards, a talented Year 10 student at Ysgol Treffynnon, has emerged victorious in the highly competitive 'Design a Menu' competition organised by Newydd Catering. Her winning creation, a mouth watering Chinese New Year menu, is set to take centre stage in the upcoming school theme day, leaving her fellow students and staff eagerly anticipating the delightful feast.

Phoebe's winning entry, a celebration of Chinese cuisine with a modern twist, captured the hearts and taste buds of the judges. The menu caters to various dietary preferences and will be made available to all students and staff on the school's upcoming Chinese New Year theme day.

Headteacher John Weir commended Phoebe on her exceptional talent and expressed his delight at seeing the menu come to life. "Phoebe's creation is not just a win for her but also a wonderful opportunity to showcase her skills and creativity on the upcoming Chinese New Year theme day."

Newydd Catering and Cleaning, the school's catering partner, was equally impressed with Phoebe's winning menu. "We were thrilled to see the level of innovation and thoughtfulness that went into Phoebe's menu design. We are excited to bring this unique dining experience to the school and are confident it will be a hit with the students."

The upcoming Chinese New Year theme day promises to be a delightful culinary journey for everyone at Ysgol Treffynnon!