Street Doctors Empower Young Students with Life-Saving SkillsStreet Doctors Empower Young Students with Life-Saving Skills

9 Feb 24

In a proactive initiative aimed at equipping young individuals with essential life-saving skills, StreetDoctors, a movement of young healthcare volunteers, this week conducted workshops with Year 7 and 8 students. The workshops focused on providing first aid skills to the students, empowering them to become potential lifesavers within their communities.

The StreetDoctors movement operates on the belief that knowledge is power. By arming young people, they can play an active role in addressing issues related to violence.

"We empower young people with the skills to become part of the solution to violence," stated a representative from StreetDoctors. "Our goal is to provide them with the tools and knowledge to save lives and increase their understanding of the medical and psychological consequences of violence."

The training sessions were delivered by a dedicated young healthcare volunteer. These volunteers work collaboratively with various entities such as criminal justice services, schools, pupil referral units, youth organisations, sports clubs, and community groups to extend their reach and impact.

"All our work is trauma-informed," emphasised a StreetDoctors volunteer. "We recognise the profound effects of violence on individuals and communities, and our approach is designed to address these challenges sensitively and effectively."

The workshops were structured to cover a range of topics, including basic first aid techniques, understanding medical emergencies, and responding to incidents effectively. Through interactive demonstrations and practical exercises, students were not only equipped with essential skills but also gained valuable insights into the importance of swift and appropriate action during emergencies.

"We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with StreetDoctors," expressed Mrs Owen, Director of Learning. "Empowering our students with first aid skills not only enhances their confidence and capability but also reinforces the values of compassion and responsibility within our school community."

The impact of such initiatives extends far beyond the classroom, as empowered individuals become agents of positive change within their communities, equipped to respond effectively to emergencies and contribute to safer, healthier communities.