Year 11 Students Blaze Towards Safety as They Complete Level 2 Fire Safety CourseYear 11 Students Blaze Towards Safety as They Complete Level 2 Fire Safety Course

23 Nov 23

In an effort to promote safety awareness and equip themselves with valuable life skills, a group of Year 11 students recently participated in a Level 2 Fire Safety Course delivered by safety expert Sharon Stubbs from Dreamsafety. The culmination of this course will see these students emerge as qualified fire marshals.

The comprehensive course covered essential aspects of fire safety in the workplace, providing these young minds with a deep understanding of potential risks and the importance of proactive safety measures. Sharon Stubbs guided the students through the intricacies of fire safety plans and educated them on the critical role fire marshals play in emergency situations.

One of the highlights of the course involved hands-on experience with various fire extinguishers, as the students gathered in the school car park to put their newfound knowledge into practice. Under the expert guidance of Sharon Stubbs, they learned which types of extinguishers are effective for different types of fires. The practical demonstration not only enhanced their understanding but also allowed them to develop the skills necessary to handle fire emergencies effectively.

In addition to the fire safety training, the students are actively pursuing qualifications in Customer Service and Risk Assessment. These additional certifications are expected to provide them with a competitive edge in the job market as they embark on their post-school journeys. 

The skills acquired in the Level 2 Fire Safety Course will undoubtedly serve them well in various aspects of their lives, making them valuable contributors to society.

As these students prepare for the world of work, they do so with a unique set of skills that extends beyond the traditional academic curriculum. Their commitment to fire safety and their pursuit of additional qualifications showcase a dedication to personal and professional development.