Ysgol Treffynnon students spread Christmas Cheer at Community FairYsgol Treffynnon students spread Christmas Cheer at Community Fair

1 Dec 23

Students showcased their creativity and community spirit at the recent Christmas Fair organised by Friends of Holway and Gill Dowdall. The event saw Ysgol Treffynnon students, supported by community focused schools actively participating in various festive activities.

The highlight of Ysgol Treffynnon's involvement was a vibrant Christmas craft stall, where students proudly represented their school. The stall featured an array of handmade items, including hot chocolate, sweet cones, reindeer food, and wooden baubles—all crafted by the talented students themselves.

The initiative not only provided the students with an opportunity to showcase their artistic skills but also fostered a sense of community engagement.

Adding to the joyful atmosphere, the Ysgol Treffynnon school choir took centre stage with a performance of festive tunes. The choir's beautiful voices resonated throughout the fair, creating a delightful ambiance and spreading festive cheer to all in attendance. Attendees were quick to express their admiration for the choir, highlighting the wonderful and spirited performance.

The students' active involvement in the Christmas Fair not only showcased their creativity but also underscored the importance of community engagement and collaboration. Ysgol Treffynnon's commitment to fostering a sense of community spirit was evident, and the students' efforts were praised those that attended.