Children of Service PersonnelChildren of Service Personnel

Children of Service Personnel

At Ysgol Treffynnon we are committed to understanding the needs and supporting all our learners throughout their education. One such group we aim to support is children of Armed Forces personnel.

Our school recognises that the child of a Service family may at some point in their lives need support with their learning/settling into new situations and/or mental health and wellbeing, as a result of their unique circumstances. This could be due to mobility, deployment, transition, education and/or social needs.

Definition of a Service Child

Definition 1

A 'service child' has parent(s), or person(s) with exercising parental responsibility, who is/are service personnel serving:

  • in HM Regular Armed Forces
  • in full commitment as part of the full-time Reserve service
  • is a veteran who has been in Service within the last two years
  • One of their parents died whilst serving in the Armed Forces and the pupil receives a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme or the War Pension Scheme.

Definition 2

A person whose parent, or carer serves in the regular armed forces, or as a reservist, or has done at any point during the first 25 years of that person's life. *and does not meet criteria of definition 1.

If you believe your child meets the criteria above, please could you inform the school by emailing [email protected]