GCSE Results Day 2024 is Thursday 22ND August 2024


Links to Exam Board websites:

WJEC Website

AQA Website

Edexcel Website

OCR Website

Joint Council for Qualifications

School Expectations for pupils during examinations:

  • Correct school uniform to be worn to all exams.
  • Wait outside the exam room 10 minutes before start.
  • Know your room, row & seat number.
  • Enter the exam room in silence, remain silent at all times.
  • You are under regulations as soon as you enter the exam room.
  • If you need an invigilator, raise your hand up high.
  • Do not call out in the exam room.
  • Watches must be removed and placed on your desk.
  • Do not engage in unfair, distracting or disruptive behaviour including turning round, communicating/attempt to communicate with any other pupil(s).
  • Remain seated, facing the front of the room at all times.
  • Follow ALL instructions from invigilators carefully.